Creative studio photography is a perfect solution for Headshots, Branding and Marketing Content.

Commercial Photography Studio In St. Louis

Looking for a Commercial Studio Photographer in St. Louis

Then you’ve come to the right place! Since 1982, we’ve been helping brands share their story through captivating high-resolution imagery.  And now we’d love to help you, too.

First, let’s quickly define what we mean by Commercial Studio Photography as well as what it includes.  Put simply, Commercial Studio Photography refers to photography that you can use to promote a product or service through channels like sales pages, advertisements, catalogues, product packaging, and more.

Our Commercial Studio Photography packages are customizable based on the needs of your brand, whether you’re looking to use a few images in your Facebook Ads or hundreds of images across print and digital.

Commercial Lifestyle Photography

Our specialty is commercial lifestyle photography, meaning we not only provide professional Commercial Studio Photography in StL, but we can also help you come up with a shoot concept that shares your message, makes an impact, evokes a mood, and, most importantly, helps to sell your yourself, your product and your company.

You can expect only the best from our highly experienced shooters at St. Louis Photographers. We utilize the latest equipment, pushing past the boundaries of technology and creativity and resulting in outstanding images which are perfectly suited for your purpose. We provide photography for advertising and commercial purposes, events, industrial locations, architectural, corporate, PR and studio portraiture. Whether shooting people, products or places, in our studio or on location, our resourcefulness and creativity will guarantee an exceptional outcome. We are available to shoot throughout Missouri and the Midwest.

St Louis Studio Photographers deliver images that sell your products and services, convey advertised branded messages and appeal to your intended audience.

Reinforce Your Brand Concept with Images: You’ve worked hard to build a compelling brand identity. A Commercial Studio Photographer will utilize visual cues, lighting and color to project and convey your desired brand message.

Speak to Your Target Audience: Great advertising photographers appeal directly to a specific demographic. Commercial Studio Photographers know how to take your vision and create images that resonate with your core customers.

Make Your Products Look Beautiful: Your product is the star – it should jump out of every image. The best studio photographers in understand how to accentuate and sell your products visually.

Grab Attention and Be Memorable: Successful advertisements capture attention and create memorable impressions. Hiring a professional will ensure your images are striking, tell stories, and that they are remembered.

St Louis Photography Studio
St Louis Photography Studio

Original photos that can only be found on your website, blog, or facebook page help boast your rankings. They also help establish you as an expert in your industry as well as branding your website.

We have a team of professional photographers with years of experience. They will work with you to capture the best shots that will work well on the internet, an advertisement, or whatever your needs are.

Commercial Studio Photography is a must if you are selling products online. Over 95% of products that are sold online have a featured image. If you are selling a widget, make sure your webpage has a picture of your widget. We also specialize in corporate head-shots for employees. It helps establish a personal connection by highlighting your employees and their skill sets. We also take pictures of your store or business, both interior and exterior, as part of our branding effort. Crisp, clean pictures of your business are a must in today’s digital environment.

What better way to show off your products, services, or custom work through the power of photography? Commercial Studio Photography is used in virtually all types of businesses, from restaurant menus, advertisements, brochures, business cards. The list goes on and on. We would love the opportunity to photograph your business, services and products. We want to help your promote your business.

Mike Haller


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