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Looking for a photographer for your company’s marketing needs? Check out our studio, where we do everything from product shots to business portraits to model shoots. We’ll help you create branding awareness with gorgeous imagery that makes your marketing stand out.

Our studio is functional to handle almost any shooting situation. We can help you create branding awareness through photography and video!

We are a full service photography studio we provide production, creative, post production, retouching, studio services, consulting and studio space.

We’ll make your products shine using studio lighting, custom backgrounds and knowledge from experience. We are your St Louis photography source to create lasting product images.

We can help you present your products in presentations, brochures and for worldwide web delivery.

What does it take to make a great commercial photography studio?

A truck load of gear, a large space and a team that knows how to use it.

St Louis Studio Photography has all three, so we can deliver on our clients’ needs quickly and tightly integrate video and photography into our overall creative agency service offering.

Our studio space is great for small sets and shooting products as well as actors and talking heads. We have a large enough sound stage to go from table top setups, all the way to large product demos and full-extension jib shots. Green screen and teleprompter setups are a standard configuration as well.

We’re a video and photography studio that’s always on the move. We have our own in-house studio, and a truck load of our own gear for remote productions. So when it comes to delivering on our clients’ needs quickly, we can do it.

We have a large enough sound stage to go from table top setups, all the way to large product demos and full-extension jib shots. Green screen and teleprompter setups are a standard configuration as well. Our studio space is great for small sets and shooting products as well as actors and talking heads.

Our Photography Studio Can Help Your Business with Corporate Branding, Product Shots and Headshots.

Welcome to St. Louis Photography Studio, where we specialize in personalized corporate branding, product shots and headshots services. Whether you’re looking for an individualized session or a series of images to build your brand, we have the experience and talent to deliver stunning results.

We understand that creating a memorable impression is essential in today’s competitive market, so our creative process involves working closely with you to capture breathtaking images that reflect your ideal vision. Our studio sessions vary in length depending on the scope of the assignment and start at half-day or full-day timeframes; however, pricing can also be tailored with hourly rates if requested. We are also able to produce high quality digital photos of all sizes with each image stored securely using an online cloud storage system.

At St. Louis Photography Studio, we pride ourselves on offering excellent service and a quality product—all delivered with a personal touch. From power-suited business professionals to free-spirited entrepreneurs, our experienced team has had the pleasure of working with clients from many different industries over the years. We specialize in helping our clients create powerful visuals that communicate their personality and message effectively to their audience (and potential customers). We’ve been in business since 1982.  St. Louis Photography Studio is here to help present your business in the best possible light!

Benefits of Corporate Branding

The goal of corporate branding is to create a strong and unique identity for a company. Corporate branding allows businesses to project an image that stands out from their competition and speaks to their values as a company. When done effectively, this can translate into increased customer loyalty, higher sales, greater employee engagement and recognition in the marketplace.

Having an effective corporate brand provides businesses with a way of establishing themselves not only among their clients but also in industry circles. It sets companies apart from competitors and helps them to establish trust with customers, suppliers, partners and employees alike.

At our photography studio, we have the experience necessary to capture your corporate brand’s values in images that accurately reflect who you are as a business. We specialize in creating high quality photos of corporate logos, product shots, professional headshots and on-site photography sessions using our unique blend of expertise, experience and modern photographic techniques. Our results speak for themselves: you can count on us to find the perfect image for your organization and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Product Shots for Business

Professional product shots can be an integral part of a successful business. They are the perfect balanced, aesthetically pleasing visuals to showcase what your business has to offer, and help create an identity for your brand. At Our Photography Studio, we specialize in creating stylized product shots that evoke trust and professionalism from potential customers or clients.

We use clean backgrounds and high-contrast lighting to highlight the features of your product, so viewers can focus on what makes it special. We will work with you to make sure the product photography fits seamlessly with your branding, conveys its full value potential, and captures the attention of prospective customers or clients.

Our Photography Studio also offers options for any budget—so you can be rest assured you’re getting best photography at a fraction of the cost! Contact our studio today to get started!

Professional Headshots

In today’s digital landscape, having professional headshots of key employees, team members and leaders is a must. A corporate headshot will give your business a polished corporate look and show potential customers that you mean business. Professional headshots can also boost employee morale and build teamwork within the company.

A professional photo session in our studio can ensure that the subject looks their very best in the photo. Our experienced photographers will help you select clothing options that are most flattering, along with hairstyles, make-up and props to create stunning images of your employees. We understand how important it is to represent your company or organization with excellence and we take pride in creating quality imagery that wins praise from all who see it.

We strive to make each session laid-back, comfortable and fun so that you can capture the personality, energy and professionalism of each subject while also achieving sharpness and accuracy in your photos. So why not give us a call when you need corporate branding photos or professional headshots for individuals? No matter what kind of photography service you need for your project, we’re sure we have just what you’re looking for!

What Our Photography Studio Can Offer

Our photography studio specializes in providing corporate branding, product shots and headshots. With a team of expert photographers, our studio has the expertise to capture high-quality images that accurately and effectively communicate your brand’s message.

We have built a reputation for delivering top-notch images for both commercial and private customers. Our goal is to produce results that make you look professional, polished and memorable. We take pride in creating dynamic portraiture that stands out from the crowd.

At our studio, we offer services such as corporate headshots, product photography, lifestyle photos, professional retouching and much more. By combining our technical expertise with the latest technology and equipment, we can create stunning photographs that will make sure your business stands out amongst the competition. We also have extensive experience creating consistent pieces of work to ensure all media elements used across your channels are cohesive.

Our photography studio works with a range of clientele – from entrepreneurs to large companies – to provide beautiful documentary photos that elevate their message through visual arts. Whether you need corporate headshots for yourself or a team photo for an entire department in your company, we are here to help make sure you get something you love.

How Corporate Branding Can Help Your Business

For business owners, corporate branding can be an essential part of showcasing your products and services, as well as establishing your professional identity in the industry. With a distinct corporate visual identity, you can increase customer recognition and loyalty while standing out from the competition. Here are some ways our photography studio can help you with corporate branding:

-Product shots: Our team of photographers will work with you to capture captivating shots of your products that convey desired characteristics like shape, size and texture. We offer both studio and location shoots for product photos that can be used for advertising or social media purposes.

-Headshots : We specialize in creating natural yet polished photographs for use in headshots related to business purposes. Whether it’s for personal branding or business-related photos, we will take photos according to your requests and company culture. Our goal is to make sure that you’re proud to show off our finished headshots on any website or marketing materials related to business matters.

-Logo design: Our design team also offers logo design services so that you can have a unique image associated with your company’s identity. Crafted with care, our logos are intended to aptly reflect the values behind the brand while being visually attractive and memorable yet discreet enough not to be overly distracting – something everyone appreciates in a logo!

By incorporating all these elements into your advertising campaigns or online presence, potential customers will instantly recognize who you are when they see these images associated with your business. With our help, businesses throughout Utah have succeeded in achieving their desired look — contact us today about how we can help yours too!

Tips for Product Shots and Headshots

When a company wishes to promote a corporate branding image or highlight the products they sell, quality photography can make all the difference. Similarly, great portraits of organizational team members can lend professionalism and personality to a business’s website and help customers build trust with the brand.

Our photography studio has decades of experience in helping businesses create such images. Here are some tips to make sure you get maximum impact from our photography work:

Product Shots: -Carefully consider your background for product shots. Your backdrops should enhance rather than distract from the product being captured; interesting textures or plain white backgrounds can be perfect for this purpose. -Choose quality props that will help bring out your product’s details and showcase its best qualities. -Ensure there is plenty of space around each item to emphasize its presence within a scene. -Make sure that each shot clearly shows size, color, features and any other relevant details so viewers come away with an understanding of what your products look like in full detail.

Headshots: -Encourage your team members to wear professional wardrobes that express their personalities while still looking polished and presentable. Solid colors often work best for headshots as they direct focus toward faces rather than what they are wearing. -Select flattering lighting setups that allow us to capture natural facial expressions without casting harsh glares or shadows on the face of a subject. Soft diffused lighting is often used for headshots because it produces smooth highlights on people’s faces during camera clicks and brings out their individual features in photos more gracefully than hard light setups. -Stay away from heavily retouched headshots as natural results often look more genuine and convey more information about personalities than airbrushed images do; it may take us several shots achieve this effect but our results will speak for themselves!

Choosing the right photography studio to meet your needs is important in helping you create high-quality visuals that will properly represent your brand and make a lasting impression on potential clients.

At St. Louis Photography Studio, we are experienced in creating stunning corporate photos that showcase your company’s values and personality. With world-class product shots and professional headshots, we proudly offer our services to those looking to create one-of-a-kind marketing materials.

Our priority is on understanding our customer’s goals, so that we can provide personalized service that results in beautiful, distinguished images that truly capture the essence of their brand. Contact us today for more information about how our studio can help you reach your goals with quality corporate photography services.

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